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Royal Wedding Saturday......a bit of a spiritual shakeup for many.

    On Sunday I wrote a blog and because I did not receive any replies wondered if I had inadvertently 'upset' someone.   

        I was considerably blessed by the Royal Wedding.   I loved all the excitement and the wonderful precision of how it all was orchistrated .......this is something that the Brits are to be commended for.   They have the wonderful sense of how it should all be done. I sensed there was happiness, love and sincere appreciation for occasion. 

     The beauty of proceedings and the less formal feeling enveloping the Church at Windsor was a joy for me to observe and watch. The invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Episcopalian Bishop of America , was for me a crowning moment and I did not at all feel that , that man of God who only spoke what is God's Truth in any way contravened any heaven-written law of what was proper or right.     He spoke to the bridal couple and told them to Love the Lord their God with their whole heart, mind and spirit and make love the way they embraced the world around them . 'Sacrificial redemptive love is what this world in 2018 desperately needs.' He passionately proclaimed.     ...(At the Cross....Only Christ's LOVE). 

       Much of the criticism about this man has shocked me.' He ruined the correct protocol of the service' was one criticism .   It was an unseemly display of passionate evangelistic fervour and 'inappropriate'.  was another.   Personally, I was delighted.  I saw comprehension on the faces of some of the younger Royals that 'faith' should not be just about 'ritual' but all about GOD and His Purposes for mankind. Most were so caught up in the passion of the Bishop - they looked stunned - perhaps they usually went to sleep?.   No matter what the 'fallout' no matter what the Queen felt, or anybody else who pre-planned events, my prayer is that all over the world among the hundreds of millions who watched the event that many, many hearts and lives will be stirred. Is the Gospel about relationship with God.....absolutely.  In Christ indeed the Hope of our 2018 world.   Its not about proper, or acceptable but for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear they truly may come to KNOW who the KING of all KINGS really is.  

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